RESCHEDULED – Boat Rider and Pin Puller Training Class


Attached is a copy of The Show Skiing Rider Guide and we encourage ALL PARENTS AND SKIERS 14 YEARS AND OLDER TO READ THE ATTACHMENT.

Our club always needs more parents to be boat riders, rope handlers and pin pullers.  We know everyone thinks the boat drivers are amazing and can do everything but our rider/pin pullers do 99% of the work and are critical to the safety of our skiers.

The guide is written by Joel Williams of the Rock Aqua Jays, one of the top Show Ski teams in the country.  The guide is to help familiarize you with a broad overview of the duties and techniques utilized in the boat riding/pin pulling position. THIS IS NOT TO BE USED AS A DEFINITIVE REFERENCE MATERIAL. There is no way that any guide can cover all of the possible situations that you will encounter while riding/pin pulling! You will have to use a combination of this guide, your personal experience, and your gut feeling to make the best decisions regarding the safety of the skiers that you are riding for.

We will have a boat rider and pin puller training class to:

  • Review responsibilities of the boat rider
  • Provide demonstration
  • Openly discuss specific scenarios
  • Ask questions

Who Should Attend:  Anyone in the club.  It is important every boat have a driver and rider.  We just certified a number of drivers last week and need more riders.

When:  Monday, June 13, 2016  6:15pm

Please read The Show Skiing Rider Guide prior to class.

Where:  CA Clubhouse, 100 Cognac Drive

RSVP to Joe Dattilo ( if you will be attending so we have a head count.

Boat Rider and Pin Puller Guide.

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