Driver Certification – May 21st at Jefferson Point

What: The LSL Ski Club is hosting a drivers certification/training class on Saturday morning May 21st.  Signup at the link below.  This is for all drivers who want to become USA Waterski Certified for 3-event, NSSA Show Ski and general family fun ski driving.  Note: this is not required to be a member of the LSL Ski club.  It is required for USA Water Ski sanctioned events (4th of July Home Show, Arch Rival ski shows and 3-event tournaments).  It’s also a good program to learn a few tips and tricks to successfully pulling skiers.
The link to register is here, or copy and paste the below URL into your browser.
1.  A Trained Driver is equipped with the necessary knowledge to safely operate a boat while towing a skier/rider.
2.  A Trained Driver is eligible to drive USA Water Ski-sanctioned club practices/exhibitions, Basic Skills Clinics and GrassRoots events.
3.  A Trained Driver is eligible to drive for camps and ski schools.Where: USA Waterski certified driver instructor Kevin Hayes will be conducting the training at Jefferson Point. If you need to borrow a boat that morning let me know (Brad –

When: May 21st starting at 8am. Drivers will attend a 30 minute instruction at either 7:30am or 10:30am, and also drive a 20-minute slot after each instructional lesson.

How: (1) Register using the link above, and pick a time  (2) Go to and follow steps 1 & 2. Bring your MVR and On-Line course

COME SKI TOO: We need LOTS of water skiers to make this happen.  Will need pyramid climbers and bases, ballet skiers (boys and girls) and jumpers (preferably not brand new jumpers as the drivers need successful jumps).  Driver tested skills include pulling a 12 person ballet hot dock line (twin rig NSSA certification), 8 person hot dock line (inboard NSSA certification), 2 three-tier pyramids (twin rig), 1 three tier pyramid (inboard) and a jumper over the jump (twin and inboard).   Please come and practice your pyramid, hop dock (ballet line) and jump skills that morning.  Arrive at 8am ready to ski.

Any questions or if the class fills up contact Brad – or 314-239-4846

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